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Content of this 30-day course

A very hands-on and step-by-step implementation of the Law of attraction principles into your daily routine. Summary of the main program points:
  1. Introduction to the basic LOA principles & how to avoid pitfalls
  2. Written elaboration of your goals & action steps
  3. Guided real-life application of LOA with mindfulness meditation
I know it is not the will that is missing to go for your dreams and to get what you truly want to have in your life.
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How will this Tame Your Mind course be practiced?

  • You will have access to a clear online audio guide that comes to you through a link you will receive, every day by e-mail
  • It comes to you at the hour of the day you chose to practice the course and will not take you longer than 15-20 minutes per day (except when you are formulating your unique life goals, but as this is a crucial point, you should foresee a little more time for that practice)
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Who should be doing this course?

If you have been struggling in your life to find your dream job, meet your perfect soul mate, trying to battle paralyzing fears, balance out any mood swings due to deep anxiety, were longing for more money or were simply trying to be happy and at ease with yourself in this ever more demanding world, this program is for you.

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  • “Even though I knew that the Law of attraction (LOA) works, I was struggling to reach what I was wishing for most, my soul mate. But TyM has finally shown me how to apply the LOA to make it happen for me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

    Ashwini Satpathy

    Software Engineer

  • "There was this major promotion I was working really hard for and trying to get for a long time, but it always seemed to pass me by. I kept trying harder, but with no results.Then I found the TyM program and thanks to the consistent practice during these 30 days, things have started moving for me and I am expecting great news very soon ;)"

    Edward Phelps

    Supply Chain Manager

  • "It's been ages that I have been trying to lose weight, but just couldn't keep at it. After just a few weeks I usually became discouraged, when the results didn't show up. This time with the help of the Tame your Mind program, I have anchored the image of my new attractive self so deeply into my mind that I pulled it through and the weight came off naturally."

    Johanna Wagner

    Middle school teacher

  • Ashwini Satpathy
  • Edward Phelps
  • Johanna Wagner

Money back guarantee
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Money-Back Guarantee!

I am so confident in the incredible power of this program,  that if even after 30 days of daily sessions including guided manifestation meditation, means having gone through the entire program, you are still not sure that this program has a life changing impact by not just teaching you how to use the Law of attraction correctly, but also guiding you step-by-step to help you manifest your dreams and desires, you have my word, I will gladly refund your registration investment in full.

Simply contact our Customer Service and you'll get 100% of your money back, without any hassle.

So give it a try and start your new life today, there no risk whatsoever for you!

Juliette Henry