Master Your Mind Through Mindfulness Meditation

Today's world is ruled by the rapidly advancing information technology and the irrevocable impact it has on our society. We are living and breathing the knowledge revolution every day a little more. Though human beings are very versatile and adaptable to new circumstances, as they have successfully proven during many decades, this revolution weighs particularly heavy on our society. The human brain faces challenges and obstacles it never had to face in the past and tries to cope with it as good as it possibly can.


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My dear soul mate – where are thou?

One of the most important points that many people are longing for in their life, is to find their very unique soul mate. Despite of so much advice out there, this one dream seems to elude itself every time and just doesn't want to manifest…

Having myself been on a roller-coaster for a long time in my life, I have figured out the following lessons that I would like to share with you:



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How to stay on the positive vibrational frequency – every day!

On a day that might resemble any other, my friend comes to me and desperately tells me that he has been trying really hard to make his dreams a reality: he has inscribed himself to different groups where the Law of attraction principles get discussed regularly. He is also following many inspirational accounts on Twitter and is part of different mailing lists that send him daily quotes to keep the motivation and a positive outlook in life.

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