You might be asking yourself, what it was that actually made me start this Tame your Mind journey.

Let me tell you, not so long ago, I was in the same situation like you: I was struggling with big desires, a severe case of lacking self-confidence and a paralyzing fear to face what the future holds. On top there was this feeling of being completely lost and not knowing how the hell to get out of there!

The Secret

Life changing

Then this very special day came, when I was fighting so hard against the demons in my head, in the midst of the preparation of my exams, while rocking side jobs to keep afloat on the financial side, when a dear friend handed me the book “The Secret” (from Rhonda Byrne). I felt it was the divine reaching out to help me.

This was the beginning of my Law of attraction journey and I grew very passionate about the subject. Having always been someone with this unquenchable thirst of improving myself and my life circumstances, I read about and listened to every possible methodology, blog or book on the Law of attraction I could get my hands on. This has led to exploiting different ways on how to approach the process of manifestation.

Being a quite skeptic scientist, but also an avid student and practitioner of the Law of attraction for the last 9 years and despite all the blogs, programs and books out there, I felt the need to thoroughly test those theories and methods out myself to see if and how it works. I tried to put their wisdom into real practice and followed-up on what happened as a result. Some things worked out pretty well, others didn’t and some were incredibly powerful. 

As I couldn't find any program that combined all the successful elements to really implement those principles into my daily life, I have developed it myself and have been using it for a long time! Now it is compacted into this 30 days audio program to share with and accompany you through the daily practices including all the vital steps to apply the Law of attraction correctly. 

During the last 9 years that I have been actively and daily using the LOA, I have managed to finally stop those self-destructive voices in my head, accomplished my university studies, found my soul mate, manifested a higher salary than I could have ever dreamed of and am in general a much more balanced person, than I was before boarding on this Law of attraction journey.




Law Of Attraction

Today I firmly trust that this power, call it universe, god or whatever feels right for you, takes care of me and I spend my days with so much joy and the knowledge that everything will turn out just fine. It is not that I do not encounter difficult situations anymore, but thanks to my daily practice of the LOA with my personally tested and proven program, I feel deeply rooted into something bigger than me.

It gives me the strength to embrace life fully with all its ups and downs and to solve any issues that I might come across on this path on earth. Getting to know the LOA was a turning point in my life, therefore it is my mission to give back to those struggling with their own life trying to achieving their heart’s secret desires and the most difficult step in getting there is inseparably connected with taming your mind, in all its complexity! Just like I love to share experiences and accomplishments made with the LOA and to give advice on the principles to my friends and family, from whom I gained a deep understanding of the main stumbling blocks one could encounter during its application, it will be my pleasure to share my insights with you, so that you too can profit from those lessons learned.