Content of this 30-day course

A very hands-on and step-by-step implementation of the Law of attraction principles into your daily routine. Summary of the main program points:

  1. Introduction to the basic LOA principles & how to avoid pitfalls
  2. Written elaboration of your goals & action steps
  3. Guided real-life application of LOA with mindfulness meditation
I know it is not the will that is missing to go for your dreams and to get what you truly want to have in your life. Often the frantic frequency and the many distractions of life just get in your way. But this time I want you to succeed and overcome those obstacles to master yourself, that's why I have developed this 30 day program, where you will be sent one audio session per day and you need to follow through on a daily basis. 

Yet besides the initial working sessions where you will be writing down your personal dream goals and action steps, you can just lean back and let my voice guide you to a place of comfort and the perfect vibration for manifestation, where you can simply imagine your dream goals and thus seed them into your subconscious mind

The entire program is designed to help you and support you to get to a consistent practice and replace limiting beliefs with useful beliefs, as they will attract subconsciously what you are so desperately craving for in your life!