Who should be doing this course?

Who can do meditation

If you have been struggling in your life to find your dream job, meet your perfect soul mate, trying to battle paralyzing fears, balance out any mood swings due to deep anxiety, were longing for more money or were simply trying to be happy and at ease with yourself in this ever more demanding world, this program is for you.

I personally have found the answers to all these questions in the persistent practice of the Law of attraction principles in combination with mindfulness meditation and am deeply convinced that they will have the same life changing impact for you, if applied correctly.

This course is designed mainly for people having already come in touch with the Law of attraction and who do have a good basic understanding of the core principles. You might have read several books on the subject, yet not known how to really put them into practice for achieving your own dreams, as often books about this subject tend to be quite fluffy. Thus for the ones who theoretically know what to do, but who need a more hands-on method helping them, to really integrate the practices step-by-step into their daily routine to achieve what they might have been dreaming of for a long time.

If this is the first time, you hear about the Law of attraction principles, don't worry this program is also for you: there will be a comprehensive summary on the key points of the Loa in the introductory chapters, but please be aware that this is a very practical and applied course to tangibly manifest your dream goals and make them a reality in your life. Should you nevertheless need a more in-depth instruction on the Law of Attraction principles, I recommend you to read “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne in parallel, that will thoroughly explain the basic concepts.

A word of caution:
If what you were searching for from this Tame your mind guide, was an overnight remedy to manifest your dreams, this course might not be the right thing for you. Because to really get to the point, where manifestation becomes natural and an integral part of you, it takes consistent practice.
Nevertheless don’t be afraid, you won't need to spend hours and hours every day to get into the flow, a mere 15-20 minutes are enough every day: I am a professional myself who manages to integrate this practice into my very busy days, without having to sacrifice my entire life to obtain what I want :)